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Year 6 Graduation 2017


shaheda - I really miss Canon Barnett. I wish I could go back. I miss you all. If I had the chance to go back I would and cherish my moment with all of you.

Mahi Ahmed - I have been in secondary for four months and I'm missing Canon Barnett so much!

Ashraf - Canon Barnett was the best. I need to go back
#need to

Abdul Mubeen - I want to go back to Canon Barnett ;( Thanks to Canon Barnett my roots are stronger then they could ever be! I'm truly greatful to the staff for making my time at Canon Barnett something to cherish forever

Arifa - I miss Canon Barnett and I miss it even more when it reminds me. It was hard to move on but at the end of the day we all knew we had to do it. I\'m glad I joined in year4. To be honest I prefer this school better than my old school not because of the appearance but because of the personality. To me I will remember every moment of my years so far. It had been an pleasure coming to school everyday. All my love goes to the teachers and my freinds to make my experience ten times tears will be a misfire of happy and sad tears. Thank you

joynal - will y5 get cakes and drinks like last year 6

Salma - I will treasure every moment at Cannon Barnett and I will remember each and every one of you guys. I'll miss Peter, Jackie and everyone. I wish each and every one of you guys the best of luck in your new secondary schools . Also Peter I don't talk anymore in classes😢😆😭

Madheena - Really miss all the teachers TA at Canon Barnett and really miss my friends. Still can't believe we're going to secondary. I will always remember every memory at Canon Barnett from the day I started till the day I left .❤

Rafee - I will miss Canon Barnett. I miss my all my friends and all the fun. I thought I was going to stay in Canon Barnett for ever even though I knew it was my last year.
Every time I keep having flash backs about good old Canon Barnett... Every Year, Every Student. All the teachers. The feeling when it was home time on the last day could not be described. I felt sober and melancholy. Leaving my classroom. Walking down the whole school then it was time. My class formed a line. I was very sad.
Seeing my friends go with their parents one by one was very painful. Only a few of my friends were left. That was when I first tears came down my face. But at the same time I wanted to be happy and cry later because my friends were there. I was never going to see them again. I looked around the school. Like I used to when I was little. I knew was coming. But it felt like I wasn\'t prepared.
But things change and so must I. If you think about it there are different version of me. When I was 9,10,11 and you get the idea.
I swear, I will always remember when the Eccentric Polymath Rafee was 11 and graduated from Canon Barnett.

What an adventure it has been Canon Barnett!

Abdul Mubeen - Not long ago, I used to say I want to leave Canon Barnett but actually; when the time has come for me to actually leave I didn\'t want to leave! I truly am heartbroken and I hope to see my friends and fellow class mates at secondary school and out and about hopefully. I will miss everyone who I have worked with and my fellow classmates who have made Canon Barnett feel like my second home!😊😊

Radeea - I hope the year 6s have fun in secondary school! Good luck!

Mahi class6 - Nice to see my class and peters class graduating and having Fun.

Anwara (samiyahs mum) - Beautiful pictures,
Truly a memorable day!!
Will miss canon Barnett soo much😢

Saira - I\'m really going to miss canon Barnett everything about it and treasure all the priceless memories 😰

Ali Azad - I would like think all the Y6 parents would like to thank all the staff of Canon Barnett for looking, caring our children for last 8 years, I see my daughter on the photos and look back what a young women she has turned out be. Thank you Canon Barnett.

Jannat - Graduation was very fun and emotional at the same time.I will mis being at Canon Barnett and I wish everyone the best of luck.

Sejuti - I miss canon Barnett and my friends and Jackie and Peter and sarah jane and Sophie and all of the teachers i have worked with
When I left everyone in year6 was heartbroken
I still am I wanna go back

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