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This is Canon Barnett Year 6 2016


Amal Former y6 - I always watch this video.

Abidah former student - Now in year 9 and still watching❤️

Imran class 6 (24/5/18) (now yr 8) - Brings back too many memories

Ali Hamza (Now In Year Eight) - Still watching.

Imran class 6 2016 - This video brings back so many memories! #THE BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE

Imran Now In Year 7 - Still looking at this particular post....

Abu Hanifa - Best year 6

Hafizah - I will miss you

Siddiqu - We will miss you year six. Year six was the best.

Aneesa Former Canon Barnett Member - I can\'t believe I\'ve been at secondary school for 2 months! I miss Year 6 so much!😢

Amal yr6 - That was the best year of my life and I will never forget those memories.

Khadija - I miss this school

Sejuti - I hope that they are having a good time in their secondary schools

Muhibur year 6 - That was the best year of my school life

Sejuti - Good luck, I will miss everyone from year 6.

Ali Hamza - A memorable video of year 6 2015-2016

Hasnat yr6 - I will miss year 6 and the whole school too.

Mazeda Begum - I had a wonderful time at Canon Barnett and it tears my heart to leave but I know that everyone will achieve their goals! Good luck next Year 6!!!🙂😀😀👍👍👍

Khadija - Why do we have to leave? I am going to miss Canon Barnett a lot.

Anas - Good luck yr 6

Abdur rahman - I miss everyone in year 6, even the teachers. Good luck guys, gonna miss you so much😁😂😭

Mahi class5N - It was brilliant I love it.

Nyla - This school has helped me grow up and I will miss every person there

Nahin year 6 - I'm going miss Canon Barnett, especially staring from nursery!

Afsana - I miss every single person in year 6

Abdul year 4 - The year six were the best

Abu - I miss year 6

Madheena and alvina - Good luck every one in year 6 you have done a great job.

Maryam - I miss everyone in year 6 😭

Amirah begum class 6 2016 - I will miss class 6 so much and will never forget how much the school has helped me.

Taher Uddin - I'm truly going to miss Canon Barnett. It's been such a wonder to grow up in such a fascinating school. The time has definitely been worthwhile.

Hakima - I'll miss everyone especially my friends

Ali Hamza - I miss year 6

zak - We will miss you so much 😦😦😓😓😿👎👎👎👎👎👎

Khadija yr6 - I\'m gonna miss this school 😢😢

Raphael - Awesome year 6, WELL DONE

Abu Bakkar - As a Canon Barnett ex student, I can see great protential in these students

Aneesa Class 6 - This will be a memorable video from Year 6! Thank you to Sarah M and everyone else who helped to make this video possible.

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- Ofsted, March 2018