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Year 6 School Journey 2016 - Gorsefield

Thursday 22nd September

Wedneday 21st September

"I've liked everything, I want to stay here. The team games are the best. I liked going to Cambridge University, I am inspired to go there. The chickens at the castle were scary." Haleema

"Yesterday we had a lecture from Dr William Foster at Cambridge University, all about spiders and jungles. I liked the castle best but lots of children were scared of the chickens there ."

By Dawud

Tuesday 20th September

"It was great yesterday. We played lots of games outside and went for a long walk through the Highwayman's woods. We saw loads of blackberries and ate them. Everyone chatted when they went to bed and didn't go to sleep till late. It was very dark at night time."

By Sejuti and Dawud

Monday 19th September

We have arrived and are settling in. We are off for a walk soon.


Liza - It’s so fun

Ghost - I wish i was there

Abu Bakkar - It looks like so much fun. I cant wait to go gorsfield

Rayhan - It looks like so much fun

Pushpita - It looks really fun and I can't wait to go next year

Liza - I wish I could go back to Gorsefield

fatima 5 nicola - Looks so fun, can't wait to go when I am in year 6.

Ameenah - Looks so fun. I cant wait to go next year!

Saira - I wanna go back to Gorsefield!!!

Faizah - Loved gorsefield

Zak - I hope you enjoyed it I can\'t wait 😀😀

Salma - It was the best experience of my life going to Gorsefield I am so lucky to have gone there I will remember everyone and everything wish I could go back now!
😟Hopefully some time again!😊

Sifat 3/4 - I hope you had a good time there!

Salma year 6 - My week at Gorsefield was the best wish I could go back.

Abdulmubeen - I wanted to stay in Goresfield for ever! It was extremely fun and a once and a life time journey

Kaysan - It was the best week ever!!!

Sejuti - I really miss Gorsefield and I really enjoyed those 5 days. I hope that other classes going there will enjoy it as much as I did.

Arijah - Gorsefield was so much fun. I wanted to stay there forever but can't.

arifa - I miss Gorsefield so much.The teachers were right that you will miss it and it turned out everyone did. I will never forget the great experience of my year so far.

madheena - i am missing Gorsefield so much fun. I want to go back now!

mohammed - Gorsefield is a great experience and it's extremely fun

Demirkan - It was a great day and had good experience. I wanted to stay longer.

Omar - It was the best week ever

Ashraf - It was really fun, enjoy it next year 6.

Jannat Year 6 - It was a great experience visiting Gorsefield. I am missing it a lot, wished we had stayed longer but I also wish could stay with family.

Saira - I am missing Gorsefield. It was loads of fun doing all the activities and it was a great experience!!

Abdu - Gorsefield was so fun and I enjoyed it before leaving school.

Maruf - Gorsefield was so fun

Mahi class6 - I have really missed playing with Berty he was the best dog I have ever seen and of course Gavin he was best as well.

Amirah - student from 2015-2016 - It looks like this years year 6 had fun. This brings back memories from Canon Barnett

Madheena - I am missing Gorsefield. It was a good experience and it was fun seeing Gavin and of course Berty his dog.

Talhah - Good luck, stay safe

Abdul Kadir - Nice to see all the children back. Thanks all the staff and teachers who looks after our children.

Shabbir - Salama we are all missing you sooooooo Much.
See You Sooon.
Your Dad & Mum

shorifa - Abdul Mubeen ... We are all missing you sooooooo much. Great to see you all enjoying your journey..

Taslima - Salma fajelah.. We all Missing u so much mum, it's so good see u and your friends are enjoying urself. Have fun! Stay safe and ask ur teacher to upload more pics 😁 Take care love u mum and see u all soon.. X

Taslima Begum - Nice to see all children\'s are enjoying much.
Salam I Miss you mum😌

Shabbir Ahmed - Great to see all the Children\'s having Fun.
Salam we hope you are fine.
Missing you so much.
Your Dad & Mum

Abdul Kadir - It\'s nice to see all the kids having fun and enjoying. We are missing you a lots see you soon Arifa

Anwara - So good to see the kids enjoying themselves, praying the weather stays good. Hope to see more updates. Missing you samiyah xx enjoy yourself!!

Abdul - It brilliant to see children doing outdoor activities, simply things like walking in fresh open fields is so refreshing. With the added bonus of having a peaceful \"house\" 😉Thanks Canon Barnett !!

Aneesa - Former Canon Barnett Student - This reminds me of a lot of memories of Year 6, I hope you have a lot of fun. Enjoy!

Shabana - Pleased to see all the children having fun in the photos. Look forward to seeing more updates and photos.

Bushra - Aww our lovely kids, looks like they having fun .

Shapla - Olli hope you're okay, missing you.

Shapla - Wow have fun

Ali - Great to see all the children having fun. Hope the weather holds up

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