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Year 6 Residential 2017 - Gorsefield


Kassem - It was so much fun wish I could go with my bestie and all my friends I miss yr6

Sogdiana - I know I’m a bit late with my comment but I loved my time in Gorsefield and will never forget it

Salma-former yr 6 - It's great to see yr 6 having a blast it brings back so much memories and I love that their having as much fun as we did

Abu Bakkar - I loved it. It was the best experience ever. I wish I could stay forever with my friends and family

Humaira yr6 - I had such a good time and can't wait to see next years photos

Arija - This is very fun to watch.

Arifa - I just got on and this brings back memories.

Labiba yr6 - I had an amazing experience! I had so much fun ! I wish we stayed little more longer .

Labiba kadir Year6 - I had the best time ever, I wish we stayed longer.

Mahi Ahmed - Wow that brings back memory's of gorsefield to me when I went.

abdul year 6 - I had the best time ever, so exciting to visit and the best time I had was

kassem yr6 - it was so fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!!!!!!!!! it was amazing especially the... EVERITHING I wish we were able to stay there for another week

Aritra - i loved it I wanna live there but next year goin year 7 :(
I really want to stay there it is sooooooooooooo lovely there

Ameenah Yr 6 - I had so much fun. I wish we were able to stay longer. The countryside was amazing. We can't do all those activities in London. So sad! : (

Jubed Ahmed - Nice to see all smiles, special shout out to my daughter Juhi, have a safe return all.

Shammi Akther - I'm missing my daughter but I can see they are having so much fun.

Saif, Hafsa, Hamid, Saffiyah, Zain, Haleema - We like the pictures of the campfire, chickens and climbing. We can't wait to hear all about your adventures Zaeemah. From your sister and cousins

Sharmeen - Year 6 - it looks like you're having a blast! I'm so jealous!

Nani - I'm so excited for my granddaughter! I miss her and want her home but know that's shes learning so much about life by being at Gorsefield. What an exciting opportunity!

Khala Fehmida - What fantastic life skills the pupils are learning -
Independence, perseverance and lots of fun!

Bushra - Great job Zaeemah! The kids look like they're having a blast.

Ibraheem Hussain - I'm so glad my sister is having fun and hanging out with her friends! Yay!

Gulam Raju - It's good to see all children have a smile on their face, so happy to see my son Irfan kicking the football I miss him so much.

Jahara - It's great to see my niece enjoying her first residential school trip! Keep safe and have loads of fun.

Yarun bari - Missing my daughter a lot but I can see they having so much fun. Good luck!

Jamila Begum - Good to see you all having fun!

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