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Year 5 have their first sailing lesson 


liam - It was fun!

Azra - This was so fun I wish we can go there again

Rayyan - Sooo Fun. I wish I could go there again

Samira - Sailing was sooo fun glad that we went

Helen Morris (teacher) - Remember that you can become a member of the Sailing Centre (around £30 for the whole year!) and enjoy free sailing at their Youth Club sessions and during the holidays. Contact Docklands Watersports and Sailing Centre to join. Go on, it’s a great opportunity on your door step!

Sifat - I wanted to jump in so bad!!!

Aisha - I'll have to wait until next year so I can go😄

Fatima - It was so fun

Mahi - I had so much fun there,I wish I could go there every day!
I learnt so much new thing there.

Abu Hanifa - It was so fun I can’t wait to jump in!!!! In the picture I’m there

Sayeda - That was amazing.

maryamb - It was the best experience ever

Khadija - It was so much fun

Siddiqua - Wow! It was amazing when I was in the boat nearly hit by the boom on the third picture.

Aritra - I wish I could go there today!

azizah - I went there and it was awsome

Sami - That's me!!!

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- Ofsted, March 2018