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Year 4 - Multiplication Challenge Rainbow Level

Wow! what an achievement - this Year 4 child has reached the 'Rainbow' level in the multiplication challenge already which is quite unheard of. He said "It was very difficult at first but in the end I managed it so never stop trying and keep on going!"


Rahat 4sm - I wish I could do that :(

EVA - Well done, my bro said you were even crying of joy

Shuma - Oh well done! Good to see how confident you've become now

Sarah - Very proud of how hard you have worked over the past two years to achieve this - you're a great role model in our class for a flexible mindset!

Jackie Trudgeon - This is great news. You must have worked very hard to achieve this. Well done!

Rahat - Well done Qalb we are all proud of you. Keep going!

Qalb - Diamond was my achievement in year 3, Now I have Surpassed that by being on Rainbow! Which I wasn't planning to reach!

Sarah Jane Bellerby (Head teacher) - Well done Qalb-e, I really like your wise words of wisdom to never stop and keep on trying!

Jannah yr4sd - Well done Qalb we are all proud of you

eva year 5 - Well done

Wajid Harral - I am very glad to tell you that his father is my friend we worked in restaurant. I feel and proud of his Dad
Well done Qalb

Qalb's Dad - Super hero I am very proud of my child

Qalb 's mum - I am very proud of my child.

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