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Early Years Spring Show 2018


Rushna Begum - Well done early years!!
Great performance and singing.
Songs are so catchy that me & my son Hamza have been singing them at home

Shuma - What a great performance EYFS! Always making Canon Barnett proud! Well done!!!

Rupa - Ahhh brilliant! Loved the singing! Well done to all the staff and children. X

Sarah Jane Bellerby - What a wonderful spring show Early Years!! I can hear every single word that you sing, I'm very proud of you all, a super performance- well done!

Khadiza Chowdhury - What a lovely show, great job done by the staff!

Pat Victory - Another great production, well done everyone.

"Pupils make rapid progress in literacy and numeracy and achieve well because their experiences in school are very well planned and engaging"

- Ofsted 2013