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Early Years Christmas Show 2016 - I Spy Christmas


jannah year2 - This was the best and beautiful nativity. Soo good

etyyu - I love it!!!

sifat 3/4 - They were so cute in the video.

Zaara 🙋🏻 - Thank you for performing the show I loved it so much I wish I was one of the cute angels 👼 ❤️😂❤️💛💚💙💜🖤💔❣️💕

Fatima year5 - I loved it, so cool, wish I could see it again.

yaseen yer5 - Best show ever

fatima - It was so cool wish I could see it live again

Zainah - I really enjoyed the performance. Well done Early Years!

Rana begum - I am really proud of my little Elina in nursery, it\'s great to see her participate and enjoy and we\'ll done to all performers☺☺☺

tashfi - It was really good.

Hamza A-R\'s mum - Excellent performance by everyone. Well done. mummy was very proud of you Hamza x

Nuhaa Ahmed reception - I really enjoyed the nativity Christmas play..I did perform as a narrator.i was soooooo exited. I hope everyone liked our performance.

Sharmeen - Great work Early Years Team!

myesha - I like this nativity because it was very fun and enjoyable

Safreen Latif - Reception Elephant Class - As one of the main narrators, I enjoyed being a part of the I spy Christmas nativity play and singing the songs. My mum and dad helped me to practice the words of the play and they were very proud of me 😍💜💙💚💔❤💕❣💝🌈🖤🇬🇧

Zak - My little brother Zain is in reception and my little cousin is in nursery they both done very well and to early years very very well done

Mahi - Wow that was a fantastic performance.

Ayaan Ahmed - I'm very proud of my sister Alyssa. Well done to the whole class.

Jannat Year 6 - Really good job. Your performance was amazing to listen to. It's really great and we can clearly see you guys put a lot of effort into the songs and moves!

Jackie - What a wonderful performance. Well done everyone

Mahi class6 - Wow that was a fantastic performance.

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