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Zahra's Taekwondo Assembly

This is Zahra from Year 4. In her spare time she goes to Taekwondo classes. She talked to the other pupils in assembly about how she has worked hard to gain the different colour belts, she is now on a yellow belt. We were lucky enough to see Zahra perform some of her moves!


ak - Good and I love it

rumaysa - Wow, Zahraa! You were AMAZING!

zahra - Thank you everyone, it was very nerve wrecking at first, but then I gained my confidence and showed Canon Barnett what I was able to do.

Jannah4 - Well done Zahra for going on the yellow belt ❤️💙

Amely - Well done, zahra

Cat & George - Well done, Zahraa! So proud of you. x

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- Ofsted, March 2018