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Years 2 and 5 - Using our Carrot Crop to Make Soup

Years 2 and 5 worked together last week to harvest the carrots from the roof garden and transform it into carrot soup as part of the Royal Horticultural Society "Big Soup Share" Project. The project encourages schools across the country to turn the produce from their gardens into soup to promote gardening and using fresh produce. We made 42 cups of soup and sold out in five minutes, thank you everyone who supported this and we look forward to using the proceeds to make our gardening even more interesting next year.

After the holidays we will be starting a Roof Garden Club for children who have expressed an interest in looking after this area of the school. It will run from 2:45 - 3:30 p.m. each Friday afternoon.


Mehjabin - I wish we do it again because it was so fun.

Aisha - I wish I was there

Mehjabin - We were having loads of fun.

Adyan - Nice picture

Zain - It was fun harvesting the carrots. We then cut the carrots to make the soup

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"Learning activities meet pupils' needs and interests and provides them with appropriate challenge, including for the most able pupils."

- Ofsted, March 2018