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Science Week and Red Nose Day 2019

The school raised a total of £306. A big thank you to all the children and families who came to the Science fair and spent their money to help children who don’t have all their basic rights such as education or clean water. Well done to every child who dressed up as comic scientists and paid a £1 donation for the privilege.


Samia - I liked coming in for the Science fair because it was fun and I bought lots of things. I liked it because I was raising a lot of money.

jibreel - I really liked when everyone dressed up as scientists and then wearing red noses.

madeeha - It has been a very fun and educational day and I wish it was everyday!!!!

kaisan - Nice raising money for comic relief :D

khadeja - It was a fun week, I wish we would had more days like this.

yaseen - It was very exiting and joyful

siddiqua - It was fun to see all the mad scientists.

liam - This was a fun day - wearing costumes, wearing red noses

Aisha - This was a pleasure being hear on Friday
It was very fun😉

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- Ofsted, March 2018