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National Thank a Teacher Day - 20th May 2020


Helen Morris - I have been so touched to read and watch these messages, thank you children, parents and families for all your kind words, they mean a great deal. I look forward to seeing you again very soon!

Shuma - Thank you so much for your beautiful messages children, I miss you all! Can't wait to see everyone.

Peter - Thank you every one for your kind thoughts.

Mireia - What lovely comments from all of you! As a teacher it is really nice to read and hear all the lovely messages that you have posted and makes me even prouder of the job I do.
Right now it should also be Thank you Parents and children, as you have been showing incredible resilience and ambition! Well done to you as well!

To all my Honey Bees, I really miss all of you and all the buzzing! Keep safe

Rumaysa YR 6 Jaguars - Dear Agata,
You’ve been a huge chunk of my learning journey and I can’t even explain in words how much I appreciate you! This being my last year in school, I will miss you unconditionally and I found so many positive traits in you and I’ve always seen you as a role model. I will never forget the memories we’ve created in our class and I also thank every single teacher that has moulded me into who i am today! I look forward to returning back to school for the last time and I long to see everyone soon! ♥︎

Arafat and nuhaa mum - I would love to say a big big big thank you to all the teachers and the TA . Thank you so much for looking after them thank you so much for teaching them new things everyday. We know that you all work so hard to maintain everything. We really really appreciate all of your hard work. Arafat saying he is missing sony and shuma soooo much.he wants to go school and have fun.nuhaa missing her lovely teacher mireia and also her friends. Thank you again for making our children a better person.

Yasmin and Amelia - I just wanted to add hats off to all you teachers
I do not know how you do it, one is hard and you have so many!
I think I need to go back to school to learn all these new methods.

Amelia and yasmin - Thank you so much teachers
Without you guys are children would not be eager to learn, attend school, challenge themselves and learn life lessons that sometimes as parents we do not have time for.
Appreciate all your hard work and continued support.
Amelia is missing Miriea so much!
Apparently my teaching methods/skills are not as fun as yours!

Maisie - Marlon - Cat - George - THANK YOU all you amazing Canon Barnett teachers.. We know what you do and the work you put in, and we want you to know that we appreciate you so much; not just today, but always. You make everything better for all of us. Thank you. And thanks for making our school the best school in the WORLD! Enjoy your day, everyone :0))

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"Learning activities meet pupils' needs and interests and provides them with appropriate challenge, including for the most able pupils."

- Ofsted, March 2018