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Early Years Nativity 2015


Arisha (student) - I could see myself, yay!!!!!!!

iman - Well done, amazing

Khadija yr6 - They are so cute I can't believe they can actually can perform in front of the school!

Saddo year2 - I loved it so much

Zaeemah yr4 - It was amazing, I loved it

Zak - Very very very very well done to all the people who participated in the nativity. WELL DONE 😀😄😃😃

Zak - From me you don\'t deserve 10 out of 10 you deserve 1000 out of 1000

Zak 3/4 - They were so cute .👍👍😀😀

Jannat - Well done

Habiba - I loved their performance. They are such good actors.

Amiss - I really like it

Aleya Class 2 - Well done to all of nursery and reception. I really like this performance because everyone did well at acting their own role.

juhi 3/4 - Amazing

Zain family child in nursery - Thanks for the nativity

Zak mum 3/4 - The nativity was great to watch, very catchy songs. Well done to all involved.

juhi 3/4 - They were very good at singing

Alvina class2 - They are so young how did they memorise all the songs?☺

Mahi - It was great!

Amelia\'s mum - What a great performance. All the kids were really good. So much effort that has gone in to preparing. Well done all x

Amirah yr 6 - I was so proud of the little kids. Loved the show, the way they showed enthusiasm was great. Well done everyone.

Abdul - Very nice well done!

Yahyas mum - Great singing and cute outfits, well done to all students and staff who helped with the production

Zak 3/4 - They were really good at singing, memorising the songs and were really good at acting.

Safreen Latif - It was fun

Earlene - It was funny and great

Sadia previous student at canon barnett - Loved this performance! Makes me miss CB

Class 1 - Well done Early Years and their teachers! You worked so hard on the nativity - it really paid off. We hope to see another performance from you soon as we really enjoyed this one.

Lydia trudgeon - Very good. I enjoyed it👍😉

Faizah class 5p - I am really proud of all the children in nursery and reception. They all did great singing and their acting was really good and how they all memorise each of the songs.

madheena yr5p - They are so great, how do they memorise so many songs? I cant believe some are in nursery.

Jannat - It\'s great

Aneesa Class 6 - I really liked this performance, I have been at Canon Barnett for a some time and I have watched many of the early years\' nativities. This was particular good performance if I was there I would give a cheer as well as a clap- WELL DONE!

khadija - They are soooooo cute

Shabana School Parent Governor - Well done to the children the parents and all the teachers who have done a marvellous show - I loved the costume and the beautiful singing, it was a delight to see all this come alive. Can’t wait for next year!

labiba - i loved it

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- Ofsted, March 2018