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Year 6 Graduation Day


fatima 5 Nicola - I really miss year 6

khadija class4 2017 - I miss these guys, they were great at this school and showed us real role models.

Fatima - I hope YR6 enjoyed their last day

Hafizah - I will miss all of you. I will remember all of you. I promise.

Ameenah - The play was fantastic

Sifat 3 - I just loved the play it was so funny

Khadija - I really miss primary on the first day of secondary. I was begging my mum "can I visit the school" and I did and that's how much I miss Canon Barnett

Nyla - Year 6 was the best and I will miss everyone at school.

oumouclass6 2016 - Year six was so memorable and great. I feel like crying when I remember all of the people in my class. Year six graduation was truly magical that day made me cry.

Juhi 3/4 - That play was so funny ! I loved the acting and the whole thing 🙂

afsana - I really miss year 6 and wanna come back and turn back time

Mahi - That was amazing, I loved the way you guys did it and it was funny.

Madheena - I loved there performance, it was probably one of my favourite ones!

Samiul - Great performance! Good luck for secondary school!

khadija 3 /4 - I think that all the year six were really good in the play and graduation.

Raphael class 3 - Awesome job year 6, you guys did so well in the Matilda play.

Imran Class6 2016 - That was one of the best highlights of year 6

Amirah begum class6 - I loved the graduation it was amazing. I thank everyone who helped organise the event it was a very special last memory.

Shaida Begum - It was a very good way of ending the year and thanks to all the teachers who contributed to the graduation ceremony. Also a big thanks to Jackie Trudgeon for helping Year 6 achieve their ambitions and to be resilient.

Aneesa Class 6 - The Graduation ceremony was an amazing event.

“Pupils make rapid progress in literacy and numeracy and achieve well because their experiences in school are very well planned and engaging”

- Ofsted 2013