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Red Nose Day 2017


Maheda Y5N - I like it when it is red nose day

Kaisan yr2 - I like Red Nose Day because I got to wear a football t-shirt

Cat - Wonderful! Just got round to seeing how much was raised. Well done, everyone! What a magnificent day. 😊

Earlene 3/4 - I love the bake sale it looks like a real store

Azizah - My favourite part of the assembly is the face painting part!!!!

Jannat Y6P - Red Nose Day was an AWESOME day!!I enjoyed the day and I am pretty sure everyone else did aswell.

Sifat 3/4 - I loved the face painting!

fatima 5 Nicola - Best Red Nose Day ever!

khadija class4 - Wicked biscuits and cool assembly.

joynal - Red Nose Day is the best day.

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